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Watch a collection of moving images and character defining moments from Nadine Truong’s body of work.

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Latest Projects

Drama Feature

I Can I Will I Did (2017)

Depressed foster youth Ben is bullied, and as a result gets into a car accident. His recovery process is slow until he meets Adrienne, a fellow wheelchair user and patient at the hospital who breathes hope into his life when she introduces him to her grandfather, Taekwondo Master Kang. Kang not only teaches him how to walk and get back up on his feet, but also how to take charge of his own life.

Comedy Feature

Senior Project (2014)

The new kid in school bands with his classmates on a senior project in order to graduate.

Starring Vanessa Marano, Kyle Massey, Meaghan Martin, Sterling Beaumon, Ryan Potter, and Margaret Cho.

Dramedy Feature

Someone I Used to Know (2013)

When three childhood friends reunite on one midsummer night, their delirious abandon and reminiscence explodes into a daring search for hope and deliverance from the burden of their dreams.

Starring West Liang, Emily Chang, Eddie Mui, Kara Crane, Brian Yang, Sara Sanderson, and Rex Lee.

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